The process of providing care for a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or any kind of dementia may be an arduous one that is also fraught with stress and filled with powerful emotions. But you’re not alone. There are more than 16 million individuals who provide care for a person with dementia in the United States alone, and there are many more millions of people providing care for persons with dementia across the globe. Because there is currently no treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, the best contribution you can make to improve the quality of life of a loved one who is afflicted with either condition is to provide them with care and emotional support. That is an incredible gesture on their part.

The single most important benefit of using a home care agency is the fact that they employ and supervise their caregivers. You eliminate all the hassles and worries about background checks, tax withholding, benefits and managing your caregiver. That is all done for you. All caregivers are supported and supervised by our professional and dedicated management team.

Houston, TX  January 21, 2013 —  CareWorks, a Houston senior care provider, is keeping up with the latest elder care methods and techniques to better assist local seniors and their families. They have recently introduced an updated Memory Care Program that offers a higher level of home care and a higher quality of life for individuals suffering from an age-related cognitive disorder like Alzheimer’s/Dementia or Parkinson’s.