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CareWorks is an industry leader in providing safe, effective, and quality home health services to adults and seniors in Houston, Texas with various care needs. CareWorks takes a holistic approach in providing care to your loved one. Our services are personalized and designed to meet the needs and requirements of every individual patient.

When it’s time to decide and trust for an outside assistance for yourself or your loved one, it is reassuring to know that a loving and qualified healthcare professionals like caregivers, home health aides, private duty nurses and our passionate support teams are there to provide the home care you can trust.

Our caring service makes it possible for the elderly, or those recovering from an illness or injury, to maintain as much independence as possible, for as long as possible. In that way, we lift the spirits of the elderly and give peace of mind to their families.

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Home Care Services

Home Care services provide non medical assistance to help a person live independently at home. It includes personal care, light housekeeping, transfers, meal preparation, transportation, feeding and much more.

Skilled Nursing Care

Private duty nursing provides support to a loved one with complex medical needs in your own home. A private duty nurse has the advanced medical skills required to deal with both complex acute and chronic long-term conditions. Patients and families no longer have to settle for facility-based care.

Family Care Provider

CareWorks understands the challenges of being a primary caregiver for a loved one. Whether or not you are a licensed care provider to your loved one, our Family Care Provider team can assist with identifying what is right for your individual family situation, all while ensuring your financial security and reimbursement for the care that you provide.

Proud partners to provide Veterans Care Services

We take pride in helping our veterans or their surviving spouse with veteran care services and assisting them in the process of getting VA benefits.

We are here for you!

Founder of CareWorks, William Hardy, is a leader in the eldercare community and an advocate for the well-being and dignity of our senior citizens. Our President, Ruby Agrawal, not only does care about the elderly but, has a huge appreciation for both family caregivers and professional care providers.

William Hardy

William Hardy


Ruby Agrawal

Ruby Agrawal


Home Care Services

Passionately providing home health care for adults and seniors

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