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Ruby Agrawal, Owner of CareWorks in Houston, Texas has over 25 years of experience in management and has lived in Houston for 30 years where she raised her 4 children. Her supervisory experience along with her strong interpersonal skills allows her to resolve issues quickly.


She loves Houston and is passionate about caring for senior citizens of the community.  Ruby has taken care of her mother who was bedridden with limited mobility for several years due to a severe hip fracture followed by repeat surgery and associated infections. Therefore, not only does she care about the elderly but, she has a huge appreciation for both family caregivers and professional care providers.

William Hardy, Jr., founder and past owner and president of CareWorks in Houston, Texas is a leader in the eldercare community and an advocate for the well-being and dignity of our senior citizens.

Active in the Houston community, he has served and continues to work with a number of charities and other organizations: Active in the Alzheimer’s Association (2005 to present), Active in the Elder Service Providers Network (2005 to present), Active in the American Case Management Association (2005 to present), Volunteer Children’s Miracle Network (2001 – 2002), Served as Chairman of a committee for the United Way (1998 – 2000), Served on an Advisory Board, North Harris County College (1996), Lead a Bible study group in Downtown Houston (1999-2001), Active member and volunteer Kinsmen Lutheran Church (1996 to present).

In addition to his role as president of CareWorks, William has been a consultant for a number of companies and a mentor to many young adults. Prior to the creation of CareWorks, he had a 17-year successful career in management with the Houston Chronicle.

Holly Hardy, co-founder and vice president of CareWorks in Houston, Texas is a person that has a special place in her heart for those dealing with a loved one that is suffering from Dementia. Her dad was diagnosed with Dementia in 2000. She is a C.P.A. by trade, but her true joy and fulfillment come from raising her two boys and being involved in all of their activities. Holly keeps active in the community by serving in the following areas: Volunteer Women Helping Women (2006), Active in Elder Service Providers Network (2006 to present), Active member and volunteer Kinsmen Lutheran Church (1996 to present).

Upon graduating from the University of Houston in 1983, Holly enjoyed 14 years of successful and meaningful career working in the Accounting Department for Curtin Matheson Scientific, Inc., a distributor of scientific and medical products.

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