The single most important benefit of using a home care agency is the fact that they employ and supervise their caregivers. You eliminate all the hassles and worries about background checks, tax withholding, benefits and managing your caregiver. That is all done for you. All caregivers are supported and supervised by our professional and dedicated management team.

OUR CAREGIVERS are trained!

CareWorks focuses daily on providing excellent service to all those who come in contact with our organization.  CareWorks strives to understand expectations and provide prompt and accurate communication.
OUR CAREGIVERS are carefully screened, insured, bonded and trained so you can trust you are getting the best possible assistance.

Caregiver taking patient for a stroll

Special Training – Disease Specific Care – We recognize the fact that certain illnesses and afflictions are more common to seniors. Therefore, we provide special training produced by Healing Arts Communications (Recipient of the 2005 Honorable Distinction Award from the American Society on Aging). This program provides training on communicating and caring for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and related Dementia, Hearing Loss or Aphasia which ensures a higher level of care for our clients.

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT – A member of our management staff is on call – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing prompt response to our clients and staff.  Our Home Health Aides are never alone when a challenging situation arises. A member of our management staff is only a phone call away.

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