CareWorks remains current with the most up-to-date home care  training and methodologies to better assist clients and their loved ones. We have just introduced our updated Memory Care Program for Houston area residents. There are many reasons to consider this form of specialty care for people suffering from an age related cognitive disorder like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Houston Home Care Stories

By Sarah M. Kern

Who is that person in my house? She keeps making suggestions for things for me to do. She keeps reminding of things I need to do. She helps me dress, take a shower and cook my food. I have taken care of myself for the past fifty plus years; I do not need someone to help me now. Who is this person? We are now walking around the block. I have not walked around the block in years because I was afraid I would fall. Look at those beautiful flowers and the squirrels playing. I had forgotten about the playground and the sounds of children having fun. I hope I don’t get a cold from this outside walk.