Houston Home Care Stories

By Sarah M. Kern

Who is that person in my house? She keeps making suggestions for things for me to do. She keeps reminding of things I need to do. She helps me dress, take a shower and cook my food. I have taken care of myself for the past fifty plus years; I do not need someone to help me now. Who is this person? We are now walking around the block. I have not walked around the block in years because I was afraid I would fall. Look at those beautiful flowers and the squirrels playing. I had forgotten about the playground and the sounds of children having fun. I hope I don’t get a cold from this outside walk.

Who is this person in my house? We are now eating at my kitchen table. Hot meatloaf and scalloped potatoes from scratch, not from a box I had in the freezer for four months. This is fun eating at my table with someone to talk to instead of sitting alone in my recliner in front of the television.

Who is this person? I am sleeping better at night. Why is that I wonder? Could it be because now I am taking all of my medicines at the right times and the correct amounts plus drinking plenty of water each day? Or could it be that I feel safer in my own home?

Who is this person in my house? My family says she is a caregiver we have hired to keep me company and help me with activities of daily living and to prevent falls. I have taken care of myself for years; I do not need someone now. My family assures me that she is a professional working for a Texas licensed and bonded private duty home care company.

Who is this person? She just gave me a hug. I have not had a hug from a non-family member in years. It felt good. If she does it again, I will hug her back.

I have noticed too that my daughter is not calling me every four hours any more. When she does call, she sounds calmer. She always asks about me and that other person. She wants to know if we had a good day. I always answer yes because it is true; we have had a good day with many new adventures.

Who is that person in my house? I have grown to like this person and I now realize I do need that person in my house! Thank you, family, for caring about me.

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